Customer Experience and Service Design Solutions

Today’s marketplace is more customer-focused. Service became a critical factor that drives customer retention and profitability. Organizations’ nowadays need to be more competitive in service quality, and customer management.
As Customer-ship we aim to put ourselves in the lead of the Egyptian market and North Africa, to provide Organizations (Public & private sectors) across wide range of industries the ability to provide service excellence and to build a better relationship with their customers. We also provide our clients new tools that make their customer operations more efficient and optimal.

How we can Help?

Customer Journey Mapping

We will Work with your organisation to identify and map out the experience that customers get across the major "touch points", which affects customer experience through his journey with the organization. So, you can work, monitor, evaluate on each touch point, and apply a continual improvement strategy that optimize your operations, and delight your customers.

Service excellence assessment & transformation

organization, that enable your organization to be distinguished and competitive. To enrich the experience for your customers, you will need to make your service delivery more recognizable, measurable and traceable to be able to apply improvements.

Customer Complaints and feedback management

We will help you to establish a customer complaints management system complied with the international standards, which will enable you to define your service defects, and solve customers' complaints in a fairly and timely manner. So, you gain your customer trust and loyalty, and at the same time you will be able to optimize your operations by identifying the critical few reasons that cause defects to your service. What are the benefits of customer complaint management?
Achieve operational efficiency to identify trends and causes of complaints.
Resolve more complaints by adopting a more customer-focused approach.
Engage staff with new customer service training opportunities.
Monitor and continually improve your complaints handling process.

Mystery shopping service

Mystery shopping is a powerful research tool, provides the information necessary for you to measure, manage, and improve the customer experience, your team's performance, and your bottom line. Customer-ship Customizes mystery shopping programs to measure compliance to your best practices and operational standards. Our purpose is to not only create a measurement tool and deliver intelligence to you, but also to infuse that very information into your company culture and, in doing so, build sustainable success.